Draft 1.01:

Sections: Status -> Approved

1.) EntityScript™ Overview - Overview of the project

2.) .entity/.ds Lookups - Overview of basic .entity and .ds file relationships. An overview of each file.

3.) Special File Types - Overview of special types of methods, files, and types in C.ORE™

4.) Log File Types - Overview of Logging within C.ORE™

5.) Using OpenPackager™ - Overview of the OpenPackager™ project and details regarding using the sub-system for organizing the base system and addons.

6.) Locations - Overview of various parts of the IPDVC™ file system

7.) System Audits - Overview of various audit mechanisms present in C.ORE™ and how to use them.

8.) C.ORE™ Scripts - Overview of scripts that run in C.ORE™, the purpose they have, overview of some scripting philosophy, and some usage examples.

9.) Startup - Step-by-step process of startup routines and how to extend them

10.) C.ORE™: AirEP™ file system (Access Identity Ring Entertainment Platform: AirEP™ - Understand more about the Access, Identity, Ring

11.) Keys: Each of the built-in keys that can be used to retrieve meta-information in C.ORE™

12.) How-to: Additional Notes

13.) Moderation: Basic moderation principles

14.) Social Pledge: Basic social-pledge for your interface and who you interact with

15.) Disclaimers: Basic recommendations for your interface and dealing with various types of commerce

16.) Additional Resources: Dig deeper into the technical stack, program methods, variables, and other happenings within CORE.HOST™


Disclaimers for each Instance: Policy: Instance Alerts

It may be wise to post some sort of disclaimer tag for your instance too.

Here is an example:

Content of another person or company (clearly able to be identified by another human or machine) will be restricted from sharing by 3rd party nodes. Don't do this without their consent. This applies to anything not in the public domain or available through shared or fair use.

We want to make this instance protected from abusive behavior.
We are free of censorship, however: We don't want other people's content being shared by anyone besides them (you can share your own or content that's been made available to a public network location)
We don't want others feeling insulted about what someone is saying, so at any time you're free to leave the instance for whatever reason.
Therefor, we try to keep this instance politically neutral, factual, and affirmative ( that is - without excessive pride or prejudice towards one view or another even if they are tried and true beliefs).
Even when criticism is warranted, a simple look the other way means more than putting someone else down when you're too harsh.
The system moderation policy is enforceable but will never be perfect.
18 and Older only.

So there you have it, an example disclaimer. It'll be up to you to edit the example and no claim is made over how valid or enforceable such disclaimers are. The example is there to get you thinking by providing an off the bat way to tell others what you expect in an instance that you're operating.

When the public packages are made available you'll be able to read more Additional Resources