Draft 1.01:

Sections: Status -> Approved

1.) EntityScript™ Overview - Overview of the project

2.) .entity/.ds Lookups - Overview of basic .entity and .ds file relationships. An overview of each file.

3.) Special File Types - Overview of special types of methods, files, and types in C.ORE™

4.) Log File Types - Overview of Logging within C.ORE™

5.) Using OpenPackager™ - Overview of the OpenPackager™ project and details regarding using the sub-system for organizing the base system and addons.

6.) Locations - Overview of various parts of the IPDVC™ file system

7.) System Audits - Overview of various audit mechanisms present in C.ORE™ and how to use them.

8.) C.ORE™ Scripts - Overview of scripts that run in C.ORE™, the purpose they have, overview of some scripting philosophy, and some usage examples.

9.) Startup - Step-by-step process of startup routines and how to extend them

10.) C.ORE™: AirEP™ file system (Access Identity Ring Entertainment Platform: AirEP™ - Understand more about the Access, Identity, Ring

11.) Keys: Each of the built-in keys that can be used to retrieve meta-information in C.ORE™

12.) How-to: Additional Notes

13.) Moderation: Basic moderation principles

14.) Social Pledge: Basic social-pledge for your interface and who you interact with

15.) Disclaimers: Basic recommendations for your interface and dealing with various types of commerce

16.) Additional Resources: Dig deeper into the technical stack, program methods, variables, and other happenings within CORE.HOST™


The following Keys may be used to access various parts of the system:

DS access-key Use DS before any file to make it discoverable to the datascript_id module
LL access-key standard connector objects that archive locations and endpoints to descriptive or qualitative text
LLB access-key standard media retrieval mechanisms that are able to be discovered and processed by the BrowseMehâ„¢
PK access-key Access a Personal Key
|_| filter Mark a location for filtering
XA_ storage a compliant storage structure but one that hasn't been certified as archive ready
XAA_ storage a compliant storage structure and also one that has been reviewed either by a machine or human and certified for sharing
ESE entityscript-meta retrieve, edit, and delete RING/ENTITY/ locations
ESO entityscript-meta retrieve, edit, and delete ORE/ locations
ESV entityscript-meta retrieve, edit, and delete VISUAL/ locations
AAA_ indexer-general topics and information that you didn't generate yourself
RRR_ indexer-recovery process old, past, incomplete, or broken archives
VIN input-voice link to CORE.VIN audio command center (Voice Instruction Notation)
z_ index-alert unspecified contents that have been alerted as ready for deletion
ZZZ_ index-alert unspecified contents location

There will eventually be a much more detailed usage page available. Extra features and additional resources will be posted here: How-to